Fran Walker

Fiorella “Fran” Walker comes from the slightly far away city of Lima, Peru. She has a bachelor degree in psychology with mention in clinical psychology. Her first job on the field was at a low income mother and child clinic. 

She first set foot in Gatlinburg during the winter of 2014, as an exchange student. Contrary to her original plans, instead of going somewhere else in the wide world, she came back to Gatlinburg the following winter. Then, once more, during 2016 to do an internship as an HR Assistant at the local amusement park and ski resort, Ober Gatlinburg. It later followed a permanent position. 

This year, she joined the Anna Porter Public Library staff as the Youth Services Coordinator, hoping to provide enrichment to the community she has become so fond of during the last 6 years.  

You can usually find her drawing, reading fantasy, planning trips, playing video games or trying to coerce someone into playing board games with her. Or perhaps slightly lost in the woods thanks to failed attempts at petting squirrels.