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Debi Veranth

Debi Veranth is a retired educator from Hillsborough County, Tampa Florida, the 8th largest school system in the United States where she served for 33 years.

Her duties included:

* Elementary School Teacher

* Elementary Assistant Principal

* Elementary Principal

* Director of Administration

* Director of Human Resources

As a Principal, she was chosen to open Mary E. Bryant Elementary School which served up to 1400 students.

As Director of Administration, her duties included but were not limited to:

* Assisting the administration of over 200 Early Childhood through 12th grade schools 

* Working as a mediator for parents and school administration.

* Assessing personnel problems within schools with concerns for administrators and teachers 

* Creating a school calendar for over 225,000 students

* Responding to school board member emails from the public 

* Serving as Building Administrator for the school system's main office

* Administrating the operations of new schools to assure their smooth opening

As Director of Human Resources, her duties included but were not limited to:

* Administering teacher merit pay with both local and federal funds

* Overseeing all personnel files for active and inactive employees

* Producing a weekly podcast for school based administration

* Working with unions associated with the school system to include collective bargaining and negotiation

* Assisting other administrators in employee disciplinary functions to include dismissal

With her husband, moved to Gatlinburg Tennessee in 2010 where her hobby is pottery.  Debi also volunteers at Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts.

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